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Strategic Planning

strategic-planningDeveloping and implementing a strategic PR and communications plan is critical to the success of any business or organization.

Pen-Write Communications will work with your team to help set goals, define messages and establish a clear direction for cultivating partnerships, delivering your message and elevating your business or organization. This service is provided for both long-term comprehensive PR plans and short-term plans for specific initiatives or projects.

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Crisis Communications

crisis-communicationsThrough hands-on experience and intensive training including FEMA coursework and disaster simulations, Pen-Write knows how to help clients prepare for and respond to a crisis. We’ve been in front of the camera fielding reporter questions and clearing the pitfalls, squelched the rumors and brought the right message home.

Whether you’re facing a potential crisis with time to plan or reacting to an unexpected incident, we work with the client to restore a new normal through internal and external efforts. We’ve been in the client’s shoes and that experience is invaluable. It’s what makes us the first choice in crisis communication counseling.

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Media Relations

media-relationsDelivering a clear, concise and consistent message to the right audience at the right time involves planning, defined tactics, execution and follow-up. It’s a proactive and reactive job. Pen-Write Communications has extensive experience working with the media and will work with you to determine what your target audience needs to know about you, who can best help deliver that message and then garner media placement.

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Writing/Editorial Services

writing-editorial-servicesPen-Write Communications is here to tell your story and provide a call to action for your audience. We have extensive experience in writing and editing over a broad spectrum that ranges from press releases, website content and brochure copy to speeches, presentations and professional business correspondence.

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Project Management

project-managementIf you’re looking to overhaul your website, integrate social media tools into your current communication efforts or create effective marketing brochures, Pen-Write will be there from conception to delivery of the finished product. It’s what we call A-Z project management.

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Corporate Event Planning

corporate-event-planningEvery time you host an event whether it be a press conference, client conference, professional development opportunity or social gathering, you put your brand in the spotlight. At Pen-Write, we know both the high level perspective and the details on the ground are important to making your event a success.

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Brand Development/Management

brand-iconYour brand is much more than a logo. From the expectations you set for your staff to the perception clients and the community have of what you offer, your brand is who you are. Pen-Write Communication will join with creative partners to develop the right message in creating the right marketing tools to build awareness, project credibility, establish connections and align consistent branding across all communications activities to set your product or service apart from the rest.

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Communication Audits

blue-talk-iconA communications audit, or communications effectiveness study, is a valuable process that helps identify how an organization is currently communicating, defines the focus of messages and identifies the gaps hindering effective communication.  At Pen-Write Communications we have experience designing and implementing a communication process that turns the tide both internally and externally to the benefit of the entire organization.

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Community Relations

community-relationsBeing a good community partner pays off and at Pen-Write Communications we can help you establish yourself as a good neighbor. Your clients feel good about doing business with someone who supports the community and your employees feel good about working for someone who supports the community. Pen-Write will help you achieve visibility as a good community citizen in a manner that speaks to your values and desires to improve the quality of life at home.

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Grant Writing

grant-writingGrant writing is an art that combines a creative yet persuasive voice in the writing and a detail-oriented approach in the finished product. Pen-Write Communications has experienced success in not only writing and winning grants but also administering grant programs in a nonprofit organization. The added experience of reading and scoring grants provides us with an insight that is invaluable to the writing and administration process.

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